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Your computer is important and it can be a major inconvenience when something technical goes wrong. Your productivity or fun is ground to a halt and it sucks. That’s why we’re here. As your Victoria PC and laptop repair geeks were able to diagnose and remove virus and malware, preform hardware upgrades and even replace broken laptop screens. Affordable and timely service is what we’re all about, give us a shout no matter what you’re computer problems are!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Students more than anybody know the value of having a fast and responsive laptop. You’ll need it for lectures, Facebook, exam preparation and of course procrastinating no the aforementioned tasks. Budget laptops are easy to find these days and with prices dropping so rapidly many people are getting their hands on inexpensive and powerful laptops for work and school. Long gone are the days of $2,00 laptops, you can now get a workhorse for as low as $400 that will do just fine for working on word processors and surfing the net.

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On the other hand, a growing concern for many customers is how to deal with annoying issues such as sticky keyboards, cracked screens or even virus/malware, all which can cripple your productivity and drive you insane. Luckily, these are generally easy issues to resolve and a Saskatoon PC or laptop repair specialist is exactly who can help you get back to work (or play). For issues like spills on laptops, the professionals recommend turning off your machine and trying to get as much of the liquid cleaned up and keep it turned off. Anything wet that can make contact with internal components can lead to corrosion which is a bigger problem and can make your laptop unusable past a certain point. The actual replacement of the keyboard is not a huge job, however you may need to have your PC repair solutions provider in Saskatoon order the specific part which could take a day or two.

Another big issue almost anyone that does heavy computing use on their laptop is familiar with is a virus or malware infection. Marketers and other individuals that code these type of programs have been gettting quite creative and this type of malicious code can not only crush your privacy but also your productivity. Without a specialized knowledge of how these types of programs effect your laptop, a Saskatoon PC repair specialist is your best chance of getting back up and running on a budget and not wasting time. As always, be sure you confirm the pricing and turn around time, several less trusted computer repair shops charge excessive amounts for labour and this can be a nasty surprise if you’re on a specific budget.

Laptop Screen Repair Options

One of the most popular pieces of technology in recent years that we have become more and more dependent on, much like your smartphone is a laptop. Especially with them getting slimmer and slimmer – not to mention faster and more accessible. We’ve got ultra books, netbooks, tablets and even hybrid devices like the Microsoft Surface which blends both an Ultrabook and tablet. Along with this convenience comes a certain level of inconvenience once something goes wrong. Screens can break, virus or spyware can infect your machine, or even small issues like power cables and USB ports can lose functionality. Todays post will look into hardware repair on laptops and tablets and the process you’ll go through and options you’ll have for screen and power issue replacement.

 Cracked Laptop Screen Repair – What You Need To Know

A cracked laptop screen is probably one of the most common repairs a Brampton computer repair shop will see on a weekly basis. Much like iPhones, laptops are constantly slipping out of knapsacks and bookbags, and the screen is often the first thing to meet its unfortunate fate. On the other hand, most laptop screens are generic components that are produced en masse and relatively low priced when PC repair shops want to keep them in stock. The same can be said for popular tablet brands like the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Front displays are all made differently, but there are plenty of OEM factory generic parts that can be found online, and naturally competition eventually drives them down.


Of course you definitely still need to shop around Brampton and the Greater Toronto Area to find a solid PC repair business you can trust. Price can’t be your only issue – even the highest quality replacement laptop screens, if installed sloppily will end up being a headache. Laptop repair requires a steady hand and an intricate knowledge of common connection points over dozens of different models. Cutting corners on installation cost is basically rolling the dice with your investment and doesn’t usually end well.

Finally, another common issue you’ll run into with older laptops that can easily be fixed has to do with power ports failing to charge. Best case scenario for this problem is you just need a new charging cord which can be found online with ease. The other problem is usually a worn out port which requires a bit of soldering experience. Again – a good way to find a qualified Brampton PC and laptop repair specialist with the experience to do this type of job is online or asking friends. You certainly don’t want to risk an out of warranty repair like this with a random person off Kijiji.