Fixing Your Broken iPhone Screen – The Best Options Available

Even the most disciplined and careful iPhone user knows that eventually they may find themselves with a cracked or broken screen due to an unexpected drop or fall. It isn’t until your iPhone is unresponsive that you realize how dependent you are on it. Whatever model you have, even if it’s the newest iPhone 6, there are repair and replacement options available in Atlanta for you to consider.

Convenient Options To Fix a Broken iPhone in Kingston, ON

A broken, cracked or even a smashed iPhone glass or LCD is quite common and as such Apple has several options to get you and your device fixed up and on your way. If you purchased initially through an Apple Retail location or your carrier you were likely given the option of getting an extended Apple Care warranty. This essentially entitles you to two replacement phones if you run into any cracked or broken screen issues. Given the $200 price tag, we personally think this is an undeniable value. The convenience you get is great for busy users who just want to be able to swap their broken iPhone for a new one and simply pull all their data off iCloud in ten minutes and be on their way.
If you’re still hanging on to an older device such as an iPhone 4 or simply opted not to purchase the extended warranty there are still other competitive local options here in Atlanta for you to consider. Third party repair has grown in popularity due to people being unwilling to be forced into upgrading and simply needing a more convenient repair option, especially for issues other than a cracked front glass. As your iPhone gets older, the wear and tear can cause problems such as bad battery life, a malfunctioning charge port, unusable speakers and a battery of other small repairs. These are not supported by Apple at all, so many people have started offering individual repair of these problems. For example, if you have a perfectly fine iPhone 4 and just need an improvement in battery life, replacing the charging port or actual lithium-ion battery can be done for as little as $50-60 by an Atlanta iPhone repair shop and is a much better option than a new $800 iPhone 6.…

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Fastest iPhone Screen Repair in Baltimore, MD

We depend heavily on our smartphones these days and if you have an iPhone specifically it can be hard to track down an affordable repair service in Baltimore, especially one that offers affordability, convenience and of course doesn’t gouge you on price. The most common issue people run into is definitely a cracked screen but there have been reports of devices going fully dead or unresponsive. There could be many reasons for this, even if you haven’t dropped it or splashed it with water. For iPhone 4/4S and even the 6 a dead battery is quite common. The standard lithium-ion battery only lasts for so many charge cycles and there is no way to know when it will completely die other than time. Apple has limited support for battery issues and will gladly coerce you into an arguably unnecessary upgrade at the Baltimore Apple Retail location, but thankfully third party repair services can offer a more effective solution.

Broken Screen and Battery Replacement in Baltimore, MD

A basic lithium-ion iPhone 4/5 battery replacement can be done for less than $50 from a proper PC/laptop repair shop and in most cases should be covered by a multi-month warranty since Apple themselves obviously do not condone this type of service. Keep in mind you should definitely do your due diligence to separate the low quality repair solutions from those that you should indeed do business with. Low quality replacement parts are unfortunately easy to get your hands on, and although they might save you a few dollars upfront, will certainly cost you more in the long term.  Cheaper screens crack easier, and dust and other particulate can get under the front glass and cause unresponsiveness fir the LCD/digitizer. Also given the fact that the local Baltimore County iPhone repair market is so competitive prices have become quite reasonable so there is little reason to cut corners and further risk your beloved iPhone.

Probably one of the best reasons to venture outside of the official Apple Store for your repair needs is the convenience. Apple doesn’t outwardly repair broken or cracked iPhone screens, or even diagnose unresponsive phones and instead they simply offer you a refurbished phone at a heavy discount. This means the task of updating the device and transferring over all your precious data is left to you, whereas if you used a third party repair shop they wouldn’t even touch your data and simply replace the faulty or broken component.


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